Almost time for my “summer break”

Yea – well the time has finally come.  I have been watching my cousin's two boys since July last year.  It's time for me to release that responsibility to someone else – day care; who does this daily for a living.  It's just become very hard for us to handle the extra kids in the house at the young age when my DH works 3rd shift and my girls are older and enjoy different things that I just can't or want to do with a 4yo and 1yo.  Friday is my last day and it couldn't come soon enough. Typically it was hard to get the time off when I needed it to take my own girls to Dr. appointments or school functions, etc. (there is way more to go on about in regards to all this but I won't bother since I've made the choice to discontinue with it for now anyways).

With that being said; this means more time for me to work online and REALLY get a  LOT of things done!  Very excited actually! I look forward to bringing a fresh face to Scrapbook-Bytes and having the time to finally put back into it like I used to!

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