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So, you must please excuse the dust – it's a year's worth!    I'm not a huge blogger but I'm here today with a fun little Scrapbook-Bytes game GUESS WHO SBB BLOG HOP! Join in the fun with the SBB “Guess Who” Blog Hop!   WIN Scrapbook-Bytes Store gift certificates!   Follow along from each blog stop on the hop and find a picture from one of the designers on each blog. The picture depicts something a designer loves, a place they live, or themselves as a child!   The pictures are only of those participating in the blog hop; [ ... ]

Just do it!

Thursday, Jan 12, 2012 – You may believe that you cannot do anything wrong today and whatever you start now will turn out well. Unfortunately, there aren't any guarantees, but your self-confidence goes a long way toward your current success. Of course, hard work is necessary, but you have a high level of energy and sufficient reserves on which to draw from when needed. Don't hold back now; you'll feel at peace later, happy that you did as much as you could when you had the chance. really am [ ... ]
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It's way too cold out there for this time of year – just my opinion!  My feet are freezing just sitting here at the computer.  I woke up several times chilly with 2 blankets on!  Last week I was sweating outside and we had major flooding; now it's reaching 39 degrees at night?  And tonight is to be the same and Megan has a football game in Lansing!  I will definitely be making a trip out to the unpacked boxes in the garage to find our Fall/Winter gear – it's gonna be a cold one!
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Weis Savings this week 53%

I LOVED the sales and savings this week at Weis!  Many items my girls love to have around the house and I saved 53% and that was unfortunately without coupons on some items; but the prices were still too good to pass up!  Not to mention there was a $8.00 off $50.00 or more in this past Sunday Press and Sun paper!  We got LOTS of Fruit Snacks (they were only .99 a box) with a .50 off 2 coupon and doubled up – means every other box was FREE!   Hamburger Help was another great deal; $1.00 [ ... ]

… to new beginnings!

of habits that is    I hope. Today I start my first of 10 days of NO caffeine, NO alcohol and NO soda.  Soda isn't a big one for me, I don't typically drink it.  Beer/Wine that I can live without – it's the coffee ugh!  And I start exercising and dieting today too – starting something called Shakeology.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm making my first one at lunchtime.