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It's way too cold out there for this time of year – just my opinion!  My feet are freezing just sitting here at the computer.  I woke up several times chilly with 2 blankets on!  Last week I was sweating outside and we had major flooding; now it's reaching 39 degrees at night?  And tonight is to be the same and Megan has a football game in Lansing!  I will definitely be making a trip out to the unpacked boxes in the garage to find our Fall/Winter gear – it's gonna be a cold one!
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Weis Savings this week 53%

I LOVED the sales and savings this week at Weis!  Many items my girls love to have around the house and I saved 53% and that was unfortunately without coupons on some items; but the prices were still too good to pass up!  Not to mention there was a $8.00 off $50.00 or more in this past Sunday Press and Sun paper!  We got LOTS of Fruit Snacks (they were only .99 a box) with a .50 off 2 coupon and doubled up – means every other box was FREE!   Hamburger Help was another great deal; $1.00 a [ ... ]

Weis Trip today! 60% savings!

average of 60% savings! I had to buy my creamer's in a separate transaction because of a coupon issue last week where they thought mine had expired last week and they hadn't but they kept my coupons, etc. so the store offered to hold them for me and also honor the original sale price for the International Delights Creamer 3/$5.00. I had .55 off one coupons that doubled up to $1.00 so as you can see it was a GREAT deal! Then my next transaction – I had 8 Jiffy Pop microwave popcorn which are BOGO again this week! I [ ... ]

Almost time for my “summer break”

Yea – well the time has finally come.  I have been watching my cousin's two boys since July last year.  It's time for me to release that responsibility to someone else – day care; who does this daily for a living.  It's just become very hard for us to handle the extra kids in the house at the young age when my DH works 3rd shift and my girls are older and enjoy different things that I just can't or want to do with a 4yo and 1yo.  Friday is my last day and it couldn't come soon enough. Typically [ ... ]

Time for a break [from dance @ least]

Well my daughter just completed her second dance competition of the season and we are now done for at least I think a month and half. yeah! Love going and I know Megan loves them too – but when they are back to back two weekends in a row – it's tough!  Everyone did GREAT – and the studio got a PLATINUM [highest award you can get] for their production "Oriental Idea" and also high score!  Great job everyone!  I have pics on facebook  (:
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