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We are off A-G-A-I-N…

I feel like I have SO MUCH to be done right now!  I need to pack for 2 and half days for Megan's dance competition.  Still need to stop and pick up some things for the stay this weekend; need to bake some things to take with us for the girls to snack on – ugh!   thank goodness this is the last dance competition until I believe April! [YEAH!]  Don't get me wrong – I love going and love watching and they do a great job… it's also just very crazy all weekend – lol. Upside – Megan only has one [ ... ]
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Well my daughter has another dance competition this weekend and am spending quite a bit of time preparing it to make it a seamless weekend.  Thinking of bringing some pre-cooked meals so we don't have to pay extra for take out meals, etc.  Thinking maybe sloppy joes in a crockpot, sandwich meat for subs, etc.  Anyone else have any other ideas? I'm happy though too b/c I'll have the laptop with internet access and plenty of time to get LOTS done that I need to do even though I'll be away.  I will pretty much be without kids since Megan gets [ ... ]

Back after long weekend of dance competition (:

My oldest daughter had one of her dance competitions this weekend – and whoa am so glad to be home.  It was quite the venture!  We woke up the next morning and the toilet had a misfunction in the flapper valve or something and it kept running and would not stop!  Water came out everywhere!  Poor roomy Sue had just gotten out of the shower!  We scrambled around to get everything off the floor – mind you this was in the middle of the girls trying to put on makeup and get ready for their first dance of the [ ... ]
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Better Day Today (:

The last two days I've had a CRYING baby on my hands.  I babysit for my cousin and the baby seemed to have wanted to cry almost all afternoon Monday and Tuesday.  Thought I'd lose my mind and remembered why I don't miss having a baby.  BUT… that being said – today is back to what seems to be a NORMAL day for baby!  YEAH!  On another note for the makings of a great day so far, my husband stopped at Walmart for some bits of groceries we needed here at the house!  Love that – because I HATE shopping [ ... ]
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Aura & Muscle Relaxers

What a weird morning for me.  I feel on my back about a week and half ago; slipped on ice!  I took quite the fall and at the time it probably looked quite funny if anyone happened to see it – my shoe went flying – but my back – UGH!  It's killing me still.  I took one muscle relaxer last night which really helped my back and to finally get some sleep.  BUT now this morning I had this really strange vision aura.  I don't ever get migraines so am not sure what that's about.  Will have to keep [ ... ]
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