Back after long weekend of dance competition (:

My oldest daughter had one of her dance competitions this weekend – and whoa am so glad to be home.  It was quite the venture!  We woke up the next morning and the toilet had a misfunction in the flapper valve or something and it kept running and would not stop!  Water came out everywhere!  Poor roomy Sue had just gotten out of the shower!  We scrambled around to get everything off the floor – mind you this was in the middle of the girls trying to put on makeup and get ready for their first dance of the morning at 9:15.  On our way there b/c we were running late they text and say their number was lining up – ugh!  We were still on our way there!  All-in-all though got the girls there on time and everything went well.

Megan did great and was asked to be on the Performance Team for their Nationals in New Jersey but we won't be going – it's a $575.00 entry fee alone – EEP.  I love her dancing but not at that cost!  It was an honor she was asked though (:



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