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Just do it!

Thursday, Jan 12, 2012 – You may believe that you cannot do anything wrong today and whatever you start now will turn out well. Unfortunately, there aren't any guarantees, but your self-confidence goes a long way toward your current success. Of course, hard work is necessary, but you have a high level of energy and sufficient reserves on which to draw from when needed. Don't hold back now; you'll feel at peace later, happy that you did as much as you could when you had the chance. really am [ ... ]
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It's way too cold out there for this time of year – just my opinion!  My feet are freezing just sitting here at the computer.  I woke up several times chilly with 2 blankets on!  Last week I was sweating outside and we had major flooding; now it's reaching 39 degrees at night?  And tonight is to be the same and Megan has a football game in Lansing!  I will definitely be making a trip out to the unpacked boxes in the garage to find our Fall/Winter gear – it's gonna be a cold one!
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Cat Urine smell?

Well, we should be moving into our new place in the next week or so!  Yeah!  But at the same time the previous owners had several cats and in one of the rooms there is a definite cat odor.  What have you found that works or helps?  Suggestions?  We want to avoid ripping out carpets at the moment since we will be dealing with a quick moving turn around.  We have to try to move out of our current place by the 1st!  Eeep! 
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Loving my solitude!

Due to sad circumstance my cousin and her family have flown out to Texas; leaving me with a 2 day week this week!  Whoa – 5 days off in a row!  First thing I wanna do is get the housework caught up… you know the drill – laundry, dishes, general items laying around the house as always!  Once that is done I feel like I can be inspired to do other things like *ahem* online work.. and MAYBE some scrapbooking [dare I hope it]?  I'm also hoping to finish my blog, a collab project, finish the SBB site design, and [ ... ]
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Time for a break [from dance @ least]

Well my daughter just completed her second dance competition of the season and we are now done for at least I think a month and half. yeah! Love going and I know Megan loves them too – but when they are back to back two weekends in a row – it's tough!  Everyone did GREAT – and the studio got a PLATINUM [highest award you can get] for their production "Oriental Idea" and also high score!  Great job everyone!  I have pics on facebook  (:
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