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… to new beginnings!

of habits that is    I hope. Today I start my first of 10 days of NO caffeine, NO alcohol and NO soda.  Soda isn't a big one for me, I don't typically drink it.  Beer/Wine that I can live without – it's the coffee ugh!  And I start exercising and dieting today too – starting something called Shakeology.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm making my first one at lunchtime.

Weis Trip today! 60% savings!

average of 60% savings! I had to buy my creamer's in a separate transaction because of a coupon issue last week where they thought mine had expired last week and they hadn't but they kept my coupons, etc. so the store offered to hold them for me and also honor the original sale price for the International Delights Creamer 3/$5.00. I had .55 off one coupons that doubled up to $1.00 so as you can see it was a GREAT deal! Then my next transaction – I had 8 Jiffy Pop microwave popcorn which are BOGO again this week! I [ ... ]

Almost time for my “summer break”

Yea – well the time has finally come.  I have been watching my cousin's two boys since July last year.  It's time for me to release that responsibility to someone else – day care; who does this daily for a living.  It's just become very hard for us to handle the extra kids in the house at the young age when my DH works 3rd shift and my girls are older and enjoy different things that I just can't or want to do with a 4yo and 1yo.  Friday is my last day and it couldn't come soon enough. Typically [ ... ]


Well my daughter has another dance competition this weekend and am spending quite a bit of time preparing it to make it a seamless weekend.  Thinking of bringing some pre-cooked meals so we don't have to pay extra for take out meals, etc.  Thinking maybe sloppy joes in a crockpot, sandwich meat for subs, etc.  Anyone else have any other ideas? I'm happy though too b/c I'll have the laptop with internet access and plenty of time to get LOTS done that I need to do even though I'll be away.  I will pretty much be without kids since Megan gets [ ... ]