We are off A-G-A-I-N…

I feel like I have SO MUCH to be done right now!  I need to pack for 2 and half days for Megan's dance competition.  Still need to stop and pick up some things for the stay this weekend; need to bake some things to take with us for the girls to snack on – ugh!   thank goodness this is the last dance competition until I believe April! [YEAH!]  Don't get me wrong – I love going and love watching and they do a great job… it's also just very crazy all weekend – lol.

Upside – Megan only has one dance this evening and I have work online I need to take care of most of the day so know I will have plenty of time with internet in the hotel to still get things done so this time I won't feel so behind when we get back.  That's always a good thing!

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