Weis Trip today! 60% savings!

average of 60% savings! I had to buy my creamer's in a separate transaction because of a coupon issue last week where they thought mine had expired last week and they hadn't but they kept my coupons, etc. so the store offered to hold them for me and also honor the original sale price for the International Delights Creamer 3/$5.00. I had .55 off one coupons that doubled up to $1.00 so as you can see it was a GREAT deal!

Then my next transaction – I had 8 Jiffy Pop microwave popcorn which are BOGO again this week! I did buy a few non coupon items like the Weis pasta that was on sale for .69 but that is a really good price so got a few of those. And mind you – we go through microwave popcorn like crazy – friends at the house, quick snacks – my kids and their friends love it.  They only had 8 boxes left on the shelf so grabbed them.  Mind you I'm not a shelf clearer – I had to grab pretty far back to even get these 8 – the shelves definitely needed restocking.   I also had 4 more of the coupons for Jolly Time ($1 wyb 2) so on the way to Target grabbed them from another Weis.

Weis Trip
5 x pasta
8 x Jolly Time Microwave popcorn ($2.39 each)

4x MQ used: $1/2

OOP: $9.71
SAVED: $15.16



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